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Swiss Arbitration Centre names new Court Members and President

The Swiss Arbitration Centre is thrilled to announce significant developments in its leadership team and welcomes new members to its esteemed Arbitration Court.

The Swiss Arbitration Centre has appointed Christopher Boog, Vice-Chair of Schellenberg Wittmer’s International Arbitration Practice Group based in Zurich and Singapore, who will assume the role of President of the Arbitration Court, effective as of 1 January 2024. He has served as member of the Arbitration Court since November 2016, and became Vice President of the Arbitration Court in June 2019. Chris brings a wealth of expertise and experience to this position, and the Centre is confident that his leadership will usher in fresh insights and a strategic vision, further solidifying the Centre’s position as a leading institution in the field of dispute resolution.

On his appointment, Christopher Boog says: “I am honoured to have been considered for this challenging position. Following in the footsteps of the two outstanding Court Presidents I have experienced during my time on the Court, first Gabrielle Nater-Bass and then Xavier Favre-Bulle, is an equally daunting and exhilarating task. They and their predecessors have shown great thought leadership and have made the Swiss Arbitration Centre one of the leading and most reliable institutions to resolve international disputes. I intend to continue Xavier‘s outstanding work with the assistance of the newly-composed Court Executive Committee and the members of the Court. Our users are at the forefront of our mission and to provide them with the best possible framework to resolve their disputes in an efficient, effective and reliable setting remains our main objective. We will continue the diversification of the Court and to expand the Centre’s offering, including in specific sectors and fields of law.”

The Swiss Arbitration Centre has also appointed Stefanie Pfisterer, Partner with Homburger in Zurich, to Vice President of the Court. She was appointed member of the Arbitration Court in January 2021. She joins Alexandra C. Johnson, Partner with Pestalozzi in Geneva, who became member of the Arbitration Court in June 2019, served as Secretary to the Court from January to December 2020, and was promoted to Vice President in January 2021. Paolo Marzolini, Partner with Patocchi & Marzolini in Geneva, joined the Arbitration Court in June 2020 and will serve as Secretary to the Court as of 1 January 2024.

The Centre also takes this moment to convey its sincere appreciation to Xavier Favre-Bulle, Partner with Lenz & Staehelin in Geneva, who served as the President of the Arbitration Court with unwavering dedication and distinction for the past three years. Xavier Favre-Bulle’s leadership and contributions have played a pivotal role in the Court’s success, and his legacy will continue to inspire our mission of impartial and efficient dispute resolution. During his presidential term, he was key stakeholder in the finalisation of Swiss Rules of International Arbitration in June 2021. He also played an instrumental role to launch the Practice Note on the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and the Supplemental Swiss Rules for Corporate Law Disputes for Swiss companies. Under his leadership the Swiss Arbitration Centre claimed a prize, as an arbitration institution which impressed, at the GAR Awards 2022, Paris. The Secretariat have expressed deep gratitude for the privilege of having him serve as their president.

Reflecting on his tenure, Xavier Favre-Bulle shares, “it has been an immense honour and privilege to lead the Court for the period 2021-2023. I knew such term would be short, but thanks to an amazing team around me, we met the challenge and achieved as many tasks as possible during what I would call an exciting “arbitration race”, combining strategic projects and case management. I was proud to participate in the setting up of the very innovative Swiss Arbitration platform under the leadership of ASA President Felix Dasser, which was a fantastic opportunity for reshaping our arbitration institution and revising/adopting arbitration rules and practices in various fields. I am most grateful to my fellow Executive Committee members, as well as all Court, Board and Secretariat members for their invaluable support. The key asset of the Swiss Arbitration Centre is the highest quality of the work provided by its bodies, composed of exceptional and dedicated people. Strong together has always been my motto; we are one team for the job, the Court President does not run the show alone. Of course the perspective of the end of my term makes me sad, but I am very happy to leave the ship in good hands: Chris will be an amazing captain, with outstanding officers. I look forward to continuing assisting in the development and promotion of Swiss Arbitration around the world.

Simultaneously, Melissa Magliana, Partner at LALIVE in Zurich, will step down as Secretary to the Court. She became a member of the Arbitration Court in September 2019, and from January 2021 onwards, she has diligently performed her duties as Secretary to the Court. Throughout her tenure, she had a significant role in effectively organising and coordinating the Court’s plenary sessions. The Swiss Arbitration Centre is very grateful to Melissa for her great efforts and efficiency.

Furthermore, the Swiss Arbitration Centre is delighted to introduce four exceptional individuals as new members of its Arbitration Court, effective from the beginning of 2024. The Board of Directors has appointed:

Martin Bernet is a seasoned legal professional with extensive experience in arbitration and litigation. Operating his own independent practice, he offers his services as an arbitrator and serves as counsel or co-counsel in arbitration and litigation proceedings. Prior to establishing his independent practice, he was a partner at Schellenberg Wittmer. His working languages are German, English, and French and he has a good command of Italian.

Zelda Hunter has a broad commercial practice, with a focus on disputes in the construction & engineering, mining & metals, power, energy, technology, and biotechnology sectors. She represents clients in both institutional and ad hoc arbitral proceedings. She also has substantial experience in arbitration-related court proceedings, such as award enforcement and set-aside measures, and applications for interim relief. Zelda is fluent in English and French.

Tanya Landon is a prominent figure in international commercial and investment treaty arbitration. She acts as counsel and arbitrator in a wide range of disputes before the major arbitral institutions, involving investment law, general contract law; shareholder and joint venture agreements; construction contracts; international sales contracts and supply agreements; mining contracts; post-M&A disputes; and license and distribution agreements. Tanya speaks English and French.

Guillaume Tattevin specialises in international arbitration, international contracts, and cross-border litigation. He acts as counsel and arbitrator and has been involved in more than seventy arbitration proceedings under the main arbitration rules (ICC, Swiss Rules, PCA, NAI, Court of Arbitration for Sport, etc.) in matters including transnational sales contracts, energy, post-acquisition disputes, and construction. Guillaume works in French and English.

These distinguished individuals will contribute their expertise to the Court, bringing fresh perspectives to the table.

With many thanks and gratitude to departing Arbitration Court members Philippe Bärtsch of Schellenberg Wittmer, Geneva and David Roney of Sidley Austin, Geneva as their terms have come to an end.

Korinna von Trotha, Executive Director of the Swiss Arbitration Centre, comments that “she is deeply impressed by the dedication of the Arbitration Court members, those departing and those staying. The entire Secretariat thanks them for their immense time and efforts in driving the Centre’s case administration.”

There are now 27 members of the Arbitration Court (as of 1 January 2024)

  • Christopher Boog,* President (Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich and Singapore)
  • Alexandra C. Johnson, * Vice President (Pestalozzi, Geneva)
  • Stefanie Pfisterer * Vice President (Homburger, Zurich)
  • Paolo Marzolini, * Secretary to the Court (Patocchi & Marzolini, Geneva)
  • Diana Akikol (Walder Wyss, Geneva)
  • Martin Bernet (Bernet Arbitration / Dispute Management, Zurich)
  • Luis Capiel * (Arias, Madrid)
  • Blaise Carron (University of Neuchatel)
  • Cinzia Catelli (Bär & Karrer, Zurich)
  • Utku Coşar (Coşar Avukatlık Bürosu, Istanbul)
  • Bernd Ehle * (LALIVE, Geneva)
  • Eliane Fischer (rothorn legal, Zurich)
  • Daniela Franchini (Niederer Kraft Frey, Geneva)
  • Harold Frey (Lenz & Staehelin, Zurich)
  • Matteo Galante (MAG legis, Lugano)
  • Ulrike Gantenberg * (Gantenberg Dispute Experts, Düsseldorf)
  • Daniel Girsberger (University of Lucerne/Kaufmann Ruedi Attorneys, Zurich)
  • Zelda Hunter (White & Case, Geneva)
  • Sara Koleilat-Aranjo (Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, Dubai)
  • Tanya Landon (Sidley Austin, Geneva)
  • Vanessa Liborio Garrido de Sousa (Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, Geneva
  • Jean Marguerat (MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep, Geneva)
  • Andrea Meier * (Walder Wyss, Zurich)
  • Carmen Núñez-Lagos (Núñez-Lagos Arbitration, Paris)
  • Guillaume Tattevin (Archipel, Geneva)
  • Lukas Wyss (Bratschi, Bern)
  • Tobias Zuberbühler * (Zuberbühler Arbitration, Winterthur)

*also member of the Court Special Committee


About the Swiss Arbitration Centre:

The Swiss Arbitration Centre is an independent institution that provides high-quality arbitration and mediation services worldwide.

Every year, the Centre helps hundreds of companies and individuals resolve their disputes in a fair, private and effective manner. The Centre’s services are available for any dispute, regardless of its nature, the nationality of the parties, the place of arbitration and the applicable law. The Centre can settle disputes promptly and efficiently, which allows the parties to move on quickly and get back to business.

The Centre is well known for its Swiss Rules, the golden standard for arbitration and mediation. As a platform of expertise, the Centre is supported by a global network of arbitration and ADR users, legal professionals, the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) and the chambers of commerce of Basel, Bern, Central Switzerland, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Ticino, and Zurich.