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The Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA, Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage) is an association with over 1000 members in Switzerland and all over the world. ASA is Switzerland’s leading arbitration organisation and brings together the world’s most eminent arbitration practitioners from six continents and 50+ jurisdictions.

ASA’s activities are organized in Five Pillars: (i) thought leadership, (ii) training and talent, (iii) arbitration users, (iv) the Swiss Arbitration Centre, and (v) arbitration infrastructure (with the Swiss Arbitration Hub).

Founded in 1974

1000+ members

Five Pillars

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Membership is open to everyone with an interest in arbitration, irrespective of nationality or the level of experience. Discover the benefits of an ASA membership.

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Discover ASA Local Groups

Join your local peers: the ASA Local Groups in Basel, Bern/Neuchâtel (Espace Mittelland), Geneva, Lausanne, Svizzera Italiana, and Zurich meet informally two to five times a year to network and exchange experiences and know-how.


Discover ASA Sector Groups

Join arbitration practitioners with experiences in particular areas of specialisation. The ASA Construction Group meets two times a year in Geneva and Zurich to discuss procedural aspects of construction arbitration as well as Swiss substantive construction law issues. Stay tuned as we introduce more Sector Groups in the future.


Discover ASA below 40

Established in 2001, ASA’s young practitioners group aims at connecting arbitration practitioners below the age of 40 and promoting the exchange of views and experiences amongst them in a friendly and informal environment. The group holds two main seminars per year and regularly organises further events in collaboration with other organisations or institutions that support young arbitration practitioners.

It is free to be part of the below 40 community and is not dependent upon membership of ASA.


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Our popular ASA Profiles database of eminent arbitration specialists – counsel, arbitrators, experts – allows you to search for the person you need. You set the criteria, and we provide a list of responsive names and profiles.

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The Swiss Arbitration Association provides benefits to members through conferences, practice seminars, exchange of know-how, and networking. It may be designated as appointing authority to support parties with the appointment of arbitrators in ad-hoc arbitrations.

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