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Understand arbitration

Confidential, effective and neutral dispute resolution is key to enable companies to move forward quickly and focus on creating value for the future.

Arbitration is a flexible, efficient, neutral and confidential method of dispute resolution resulting in a final legally binding and enforceable award rendered by one or three arbitrators after examination of the evidence available and application of the law.

The Swiss Arbitration Tradition

The Swiss chambers of commerce have been offering arbitration services for more than 150 years. Since 2004, the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration offer flexible, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution, based on international best practices and tailored to the needs of global and domestic users.

Arbitrations under the Swiss Rules are administered by the Swiss Arbitration Centre, which is composed of experienced international arbitration practitioners. Swiss Rules arbitrations can be tailored to any budget and dispute, be held in any language and anywhere in the world, and can also be combined with conciliation or mediation.

Why the Swiss Rules?

At the core of the services of the Swiss Arbitration Centre are the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and the Swiss Rules of Mediation.

To facilitate and expedite dispute resolution, we recommend you use the Swiss Rules Model Clauses in all your contracts so that the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and/or the Swiss Rules of Mediation apply to your dispute. Both sets of rules can be used for contracts and disputes that are either domestic or international.

For further information about the Swiss Rules and the reasons why Switzerland is an excellent choice for arbitration, please see the advantages of Swiss arbitration or visit the Swiss Arbitration Resources.