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Understanding Mediation

Efficient, cost effective and neutral dispute resolution is key to enable companies to move forward quickly and focus on creating value for the future.

Mediation is an alternative means of dispute resolution, whereby two or more parties ask a neutral third person, the mediator, to help them find a solution to settle a dispute or avoid future conflict. During the mediation, the mediator facilitates the exchange of opinions and encourages the parties to look for mutually agreeable solutions.


The Swiss Mediation Tradition

Switzerland has a long-standing international reputation in mediation, diplomacy and the offering of good services. The Swiss Arbitration Centre has drafted the Swiss Rules of Mediation based on decades of experience and best practices. Mediation is a very flexible means of dispute resolution that is particularly suitable for international and inter-cultural disputes of all sizes. It is also suitable when the parties in dispute hope to preserve, or to renew, their commercial relationships.

The modern and adaptable Swiss Rules of Mediation encourage parties to find an amicable and efficient solution to their dispute with the assistance of a qualified neutral, either using evaluative mediation (conciliation) or interest-focused mediation. The Swiss Rules of Mediation suggest ways of combining mediation with arbitration.

Why the Swiss Rules?

As part of our commitment to foster a strong economy, the Swiss Arbitration Centre provides flexible, multilingual and confidential dispute resolution services for domestic and international cases, under any applicable law, in Switzerland or abroad.

At the core of the services of the Swiss Arbitration Centre are the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and the Swiss Rules of Mediation.

To facilitate and expedite dispute resolution, we recommend you use the Swiss Rules Model Clauses in all your contracts so that the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and/or the Swiss Rules of Mediation apply to your dispute. Both sets of rules can be used for contracts and disputes that are either domestic or international.

Further information on mediation can be found in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents listed below and articles available in various languages under Resources.

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