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Swiss Rules of International Arbitration

In 2004, several Swiss Chambers of Commerce jointly adopted the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, which replaced their individual arbitration rules. In 2012, the Swiss Rules were slightly revised for the first time so as to increase their efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Arbitration is generally more expeditious than proceedings before State courts. Arbitrators are independent practitioners specialized in the field of dispute resolution. Contrary to State court judgments, arbitral awards remain confidential. Pursuant to certain international conventions, they are enforceable in almost all countries.


Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation

In addition to arbitration, the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution has adopted rules for commercial mediation. These rules are particularly suitable if the parties are willing to make a joint effort to find an amicable solution to their dispute, and if they require the assistance of a neutral to do so.

If successful, mediation proceedings are much faster and considerably less costly than litigious procedures. The Mediation Rules suggest ways of combining arbitration and mediation. The Swiss Rules of International Arbitration themselves allow the arbitral tribunal, with the agreement of the parties, to take steps to facilitate the settlement of the dispute.



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