Get to know the arbitration and mediation practitioners of the Swiss Arbitration Centre

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Swiss Arbitration Centre is composed of experienced arbitration practitioners and representatives of the Chambers of Commerce. The Board is in charge of supervising the operation of the Centre and ensuring its compliance with applicable laws. It has no role in the management of cases administered by the Centre but appoints the members of the Arbitration Court.

Bernhard Berger
Kellerhals Carrard, Bern
Domitille Baizeau
Vice President
LALIVE, Geneva
Pierre-Yves Gunter
Bär & Karrer, Geneva
Andreas Meier
Basel Chamber of Commerce
Gabrielle Nater-Bass
Homburger, Zurich
Regine Sauter
Zurich Chamber of Commerce
Vincent Subilia
Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services

Executive Director
and Secretariat

The Secretariat assists the Arbitration Court, the Advisory Council for Mediation and the Ombudspersons in administering arbitration and mediation cases.

Korinna von Trotha
Executive Director, Geneva
Genevieve Erasmo
Assistant, Geneva
Monica Foglia
Assistant, Lugano
Gian Hörler
Assistant, Zurich
Lukas Innerebner
Legal Counsel, Zurich
Nathalie Lewkowicz – Mellen
Assistant to the Executive Director and Membership Manager, Geneva
Erika Riedl
Legal Counsel, Geneva
Michele Rossi
Legal Counsel, Lugano
Cindy Roy
Assistant, Geneva
Delphine Vieljeux
Marketing Manager (maternity leave), Geneva
Lucy Weller
Marketing Manager, Geneva
Shanaize Yahiaoui
Legal Counsel, Geneva

Arbitration Court

The Arbitration Court is an independent body responsible for the administration of arbitration cases under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and the final authority for the proper application of the Swiss Rules. The Arbitration Court is composed of leading arbitration practitioners of Swiss and other nationalities.

Xavier Favre-Bulle
Christopher Boog
Vice President*
Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich
Alexandra Johnson
Vice President*
Bär & Karrer, Geneva
Melissa Magliana
Secretary to the Court*
LALIVE, Zurich

Members of the
Arbitration Court

Diana Akikol
Walder Wyss, Geneva
Homayoon Arfazadeh
Python, Geneva
Philippe Bärtsch*
Schellenberg Wittmer, Geneva
Blaise Carron
University of Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel
Sandra De Vito Bieri*
bratschi, Zurich
Bernd Ehle
LALIVE, Geneva
Harold Frey
Matteo Galante
MAG legis SA, Lugano
Ulrike Gantenberg
Gantenberg Dispute Experts, Dusseldorf
Daniel Girsberger
University of Lucerne / wenger & vieli, Zurich
Cesare Jermini*
Bär & Karrer, Lugano
Paolo Marzolini
Andrea Meier*
Walder Wyss, Zurich
Stefanie Pfisterer
Homburger, Zurich
David P. Roney
SIDLEY, Geneva
Frank Spoorenberg*
Tavernier Tschanz, Geneva
Mélanie Van Leeuwen
Derains & Gharavi, Paris
Boris Vittoz
Python, Lausanne
Clarisse Von Wunschheim
Altenburger, Zurich
Lukas Wyss
bratschi, Bern
Tobias Zuberbühler
lustenberger, Zurich

*Members of the Court Special Committee as per Article 4 of the Internal Rules of the Arbitration Court

Advisory Council for

The Advisory Council for Mediation provides the Secretariat with guidance and assistance on mediation cases administered under the Swiss Rules of Mediation.

Birgit Sambeth Glasner
Altenburger, Geneva
Daniel Girsberger
University of Lucerne / wenger & vieli, Zurich
Sven Engel
Etude Engel Choffat L’Héritier, Neuchâtel
Urs Weber-Stecher
Weber-Stecher, Zurich

Ombudspersons for
Financial Services Mediations

The Ombudspersons act as mediators in cases administered under the Rules of Mediation Procedure for Financial Services (Ombuds-FIN).

Rolf H. Weber
bratschi, Zurich
Yvette Schiess
Saffir GmbH, Zurich
Daniel Glasner
actionfinance, Geneva
Olivier Rivoire
Bory & Associés, Geneva

Swiss Arbitration Marketing Committee

Catherine Kunz
LALIVE, Geneva
Philippe Bärtsch
Schellenberg Wittmer, Geneva
Clarisse Von Wunschheim
Altenburger, Zurich
Anya George
Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich
Flavio Peter
Peter & Kim, Geneva
Luca Beffa
Baker McKenzie, Geneva
Tanya Landon
SIDLEY, Geneva
Dilber Devitre
Homburger, Zurich

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