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Half a century of contribution to the development of international arbitration for the benefit of international business

Since its foundation in 1974, the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) has helped shape the development of international arbitration for the benefit of users worldwide. Through its members and its connections to the most eminent specialists all over the world, ASA harnesses, develops, improves and disseminates valuable know-how for arbitration counsel, arbitrators, in-house counsel, and academics, and also provides a global platform for exchange and networking within the arbitration community.

ASA Conferences explore topical issues of arbitration with users and experts from all over the world. The papers and materials are subsequently published in the ASA Special Series.

The quarterly ASA Bulletin has been one of the leading journals in the field of international arbitration since the 1980s.

President’s Messages

Felix Dasser, ASA President
Elliott Geisinger, President 2014-2019
Michael E. Schneider, President 2010-2013
Swiss Rules 2021

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Swiss Rules 2021