Arbitration of Distribution Disputes

07/11/2017 17:00-19:30
Geneva, 7 November 2017, late afternoon. Save the date: IDI, SCAI and CCIG will report on their reflection, partnership and joint dispute resolution services aimed at allowing a greater time and cost efficiency for all disputes in the field of distribution (including for agency and franchising agreements), whether the amount in dispute is large or not. A list of specialized arbitrators will be

2nd SCAI Innovation Conference

Zurich. 1 February 2018. Following the success of the 1st SCAI Innovation Conference in 2017, SCAI will organize again a SCAI Innovation Conference in 2018 to discuss and share traditional and innovative ways to expedite arbitral proceedings. Participants will be encouraged to comment on the improvement ideas exposed by the panellists and to share their own ideas in view of the drafting of a