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Submitting a Notice of Arbitration

The party initiating arbitration shall submit a Notice of Arbitration to the Secretariat of the Arbitration Court of the Swiss Arbitration Centre at any of the addresses listed below. The Notice of Arbitration shall comply with the requirements of the Article 3 of the Swiss Rules.

To ensure an expeditious handling of the file, the party initiating arbitration is invited to pay without delay the non-refundable Registration Fee, as per Section 1.1 of Appendix B of the Swiss Rules.


Swiss Arbitration Centre
Boulevard du Théâtre 4
1204 Geneva
Tel.: +41 22 819 91 57
E-mail: centre@swissarbitration.org


Swiss Arbitration Centre
Corso Elvezia 16 – P.O. Box
6901 Lugano
Tel.: +41 91 911 51 11
E-mail: centre@swissarbitration.org


Swiss Arbitration Centre
Löwenstrasse 11 – P.O. Box
8021 Zurich
Tel.: +41 44 217 40 58
E-mail: centre@swissarbitration.org



Paying the Registration Fee and Deposits

To pay the Registration Fee, provisional Deposits for expedited procedures and/or deposits as an advance for the costs of the emergency relief proceedings – until a dedicated bank account is opened for the case – parties are invited to use the following bank account details:

Bank UBS Switzerland AG
Beneficiary/Account Holder Swiss Arbitration Centre
IBAN CH280024024094403401V
Account number 944034.01V
Clearing number 0240
UBS postal account number 80-2-2

All payments must be made in Swiss Francs (CHF) and received net of any bank charges.

For compliance reasons, all payments made to the Swiss Arbitration Centre must be made from an account held in the name of the party to the proceedings making the payment. In case of payment by counsel on record for the party concerned, a written statement confirming compliance with all applicable regulations, including Swiss anti-money laundering and sanctions regulations, will be requested. Please refer to the Note to Parties, Arbitrators, and Mediators on Sanctions for a comprehensive overview of all the administrative measures taken during proceedings administered by the Swiss Arbitration Centre.

When making payments within Europe, please always use the IBAN and BIC to avoid additional third-party charges and to ensure the amount is credited to the beneficiary more quickly and securely. We also recommend using IBAN for all Swiss payment transactions.

Hearing Organisation

Please refer to Articles 24 and 25 of the Swiss Rules. Hearings may take place in any convenient city in Switzerland or any other country.

For hearing facilities, hotel rooms, interpreters, court reporters and other support services in Switzerland please refer to the Swiss Arbitration Hub.

Swiss Rules 2021

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Swiss Rules 2021