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Sabrina Pearson-Wenger Wins 2023 ICC Institute Prize for Outstanding Thesis on Good Faith in International Commercial Arbitration

Sabrina Pearson-Wenger of the University of Neuchâtel has been honoured with the prestigious 2023 ICC Institute Prize for her doctoral thesis titled “Good Faith in International Commercial Arbitration: Its Application by Arbitral Tribunals to the Parties’ Contract and the Arbitration Agreement.”

Out of 27 submissions reviewed by a distinguished international jury, comprising of nine Council members of the ICC Institute, Ms. Pearson-Wenger’s thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Christoph Müller, was held to stand out for its depth, insight, and comprehensive exploration of the complexities surrounding the application of good faith by arbitral tribunals.

The core objective of Ms. Pearson-Wenger’s thesis is to confront the ambiguities that often cloud the application of good faith by arbitral tribunals. Her study delves into how this pivotal, but often misunderstood notion is employed by arbitral tribunals concerning both the parties’ contract and the arbitration agreement. Through extensive comparative law research and thorough analysis, she offers substantial guidelines poised to shape the future application of good faith by these tribunals, paving the way for increased clarity and consistency in their decisions.

The official announcement of Ms. Pearson-Wenger’s remarkable achievement by the ICC can be found here.