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New Members to the Swiss Arbitration Marketing Committee 

Swiss Arbitration proudly announces the addition of two distinguished professionals to its Marketing Committee: Silja Schaffstein and Niklaus Zaugg. The appointment of these two experts is expected to significantly enhance the ASA’s marketing initiatives, bringing fresh perspectives and strategies to promote the Swiss Arbitration goals in the field of arbitration. 

Silja Schaffstein brings extensive expertise from her role as a counsel at Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, specialising in commercial and investment arbitration. She frequently acts as arbitrator, counsel co-counsel, or secretary of the tribunal in international and domestic ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings. Her work spans various sectors, including construction, commodities, and pharmaceuticals, emphasising her versatility and broad industry experience. 

Niklaus Zaugg, a partner at CMS Zurich dispute resolution team, brings comprehensive experience in international and domestic arbitrations, focusing on industries like automotive, construction, and finance. With a strong academic background, including a doctorate in international arbitral proceedings and an LL.M. from the University of Sydney Law School, he is well-equipped to contribute to the objectives of Swiss Arbitration. 

The Swiss Arbitration Marketing Committee stands to significantly benefit from the synergy of their combined expertise and knowledge. They will support the committee’s efforts in organizing events, creating content, and other content marketing activities. We are confident that their contributions will help promote the Swiss Arbitration goals in the field of arbitration.