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Introducing the Enhanced ASA Profiles Platform

Improved Features and Expanded Accessibility

Are you in search of a counsel, arbitrator, mediator, legal, or technical expert to assist with your dispute, but unsure of where to begin? Look no further than the revamped ASA Profiles platform! Developed by the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), this online tool is your ultimate resource for finding the right specialist for your specific needs – effortlessly and efficiently.

What is “ASA Profiles“?

 “ASA Profiles” is a comprehensive and fully searchable database of specialists, including counsel, arbitrators, mediators, and legal and technical experts. With its advanced search functions, you can now locate specialists based on various criteria such as area of specialisation, legal background, languages, nationalities, countries of residence, gender, and level of experience with specific laws, seats, and institutions.

Recent enhancements to the platform include:

  • New Filters: Bar Admission; Experience with Legal System; Experience with Seats of Arbitration; Experience with Arbitral Institutions
  • Improved Filter Functionality: Refine your search and easily find the perfect match. Explore our platform today!
  • Expanded Profiles: Now featuring richer information, including the number of cases in the profile (new feature coming soon)
  • Request and Receive References: A feature that allows you to request and receive references from and be recommended by fellow specialists.

These updates aim to streamline the search process and provide deeper insights into individuals by listing referees who can be contacted for further feedback.

How Can You Get Your Own ASA Profile?

As the ASA Profiles platform continues to evolve and expand, we now offer two profile options to cater to the preferences and needs of all users. Both listing options are available with or without ASA Membership.

The first option is an extensive paid profile, displaying comprehensive information including a profile photograph, references, practical experience, panels, and publications. The second option is a free profile with limited fields, particularly beneficial for newcomers. Sign up in a few simple steps here.

Why ASA Profiles?

Whether you are a counsel, arbitrator, mediator, or expert aiming to broaden your reach and visibility, or a client seeking the right specialist for your dispute, ASA Profiles is the ultimate tool for you. With its advanced search functions, deep insights, and user-friendly interface, you can find the right person for your needs in no time. Try it out today!

Who Developed The New ASA Profiles?

The enhanced ASA Profiles platform was developed by an ASA task force of practitioners in leading law firms in Switzerland, including Felix Dasser (ASA President, Homburger, Zurich), Xavier Favre-Bulle (Lenz & Staehelin, Geneva), Cesare Jermini (Bär & Karrer, Lugano), Noradèle Radjai (LALIVE, Geneva), and James Menz (Rothorn legal, Zurich).

According to Felix Dasser, ASA President, “The ASA Profiles platform represents a significant milestone for ASA. With this enhanced tool, we aim to provide our members with an even easier and more efficient way to find the right specialist for their needs, and to promote excellence in the field of arbitration and mediation.

Questions or Feedback?

If you have any questions or feedback about the ASA Profiles, please contact the ASA team ( We are always happy to hear from you, and assist, and support you as needed.