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ASA Launches New Swiss Arbitration Platform

The Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) announces the launch of a unique “Swiss Arbitration” internet platform. ASA’s innovative and strategic initiative underlines Switzerland’s global standing as a neutral, accessible and balanced choice for international and domestic dispute resolution, and builds on Switzerland’s more than 150 years of history and experience in resolving transnational disputes.

“Swiss Arbitration”: An entire jurisdiction on one platform

Swiss Arbitration is a global first. It is the arbitration platform for an entire jurisdiction. Going online on 1 June 2021, it is your entry portal for everything related to commercial and investment arbitration with a link to Switzerland: organisations, services, know-how, resources, events, people, and references. Organized and maintained by ASA, it will serve as a one-stop shop for practitioners and users worldwide. The new platform is hosted at

Besides ASA and the Swiss Arbitration Centre, the successor of the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI), the new platform will also include the independent Swiss Arbitration Academy and the Swiss Arbitration Hub, ASA’s platform for hearing logistics. Other leading arbitration- and ADR-related organisations active in Switzerland are also represented and can be accessed through the website. In the future, additional organisations may be admitted on the platform to further strengthen the offerings of Swiss Arbitration. 

Korinna von Trotha, Executive Director of ASA and the Swiss Arbitration Centre, believes that “ASA’s creation of a single platform bringing together all major stakeholders in the arbitration and ADR community of Switzerland is an unprecedented global achievement. With our new and intuitive design, users around the world will be able to see all that Switzerland has to offer – with just one click!” 

1 June 2021 will also mark the roll-out of the new branding for the Swiss Arbitration platform and the participating organisations, including ASA itself. This has been made possible on challenging deadlines by a dedicated team led by  Dorothée Schramm of Sidley Austin in Geneva. Dorothée comments: “Swiss Arbitration’s new branding expresses what we stand for: a Swiss and international platform that combines innovation with Switzerland’s long arbitration history and takes pride in serving businesses worldwide with excellence, pragmatism and a deep understanding of their needs.”

Launch Event on 22 June 2021

The Swiss Arbitration platform will be presented  at a virtual launch event scheduled to take place on 22 June 2021, organized by Tanya Landon of Sidley Austin in Geneva,  Catherine A. Kunz of LALIVE in Geneva, and Chris Boog of Schellenberg Wittmer in Zurich and Singapore. This special event is free of charge and you may register here.

Felix Dasser of Homburger in Zurich and President of ASA comments: “Thanks to the enthusiasm and the tremendous efforts of so many members of the Swiss Arbitration Association, we have built a solid, innovative and adaptive structure for the benefit of arbitration and ADR users worldwide. The Swiss Arbitration platform is a true trailblazer.