Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution


Efficient, cost effective and neutral dispute resolution means are key to enable companies to move forward quickly and focus on creating value for the future.

As part of our commitment to foster a strong economy, we provide flexible, multilingual and confidential dispute resolution services for domestic and international cases, under any applicable law, in Switzerland or abroad.

To facilitate and expedite dispute resolution, we recommend you use the Swiss Rules Model Clauses in all your contracts and refer your disputes to the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and/or to the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation.

Mediation is an alternative means of dispute resolution. Two or more parties ask a third person, the mediator, to help them find a solution to settle a dispute or to avoid future conflict. The mediator is neutral and independent from the parties. During the mediation he facilitates the exchange of opinions and encourages the parties to look for mutually agreeable solutions.

Executive Director & General Counsel: Caroline Ming -