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Bulletin in Brief – ASA Bulletin Vol. 41 (2023) Issue 1

Vol. 41 (2023) Issue 1

In his message Climate Change – Practice Change?, ASA President Felix DASSER, drawing on the lessons learnt from the recent ASA winter conference on ESG and disputes, considers the role of arbitration in climate related disputes and the impact of climate change on arbitration practitioners.

Since its creation by the International Olympic Committee in 1984, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has evolved into an independent arbitral tribunal and the “supreme court” of sports-related disputes at the international level, administering several hundred of cases every year. The CAS functions predominantly as an appellate tribunal, reviewing decisions rendered by the internal tribunal of sports federations. Such appeal mechanism differs from commercial arbitration in many aspects. Despina MAVROMATI takes us through the specificities of the appeal procedure before the CAS in light of the latest amendment of the CAS Code in November 2022, with a focus on the key procedural aspects that counsel without previous experience in sports arbitration should bear in mind. (Despina MAVROMATI, The Appeal Procedure before the CAS. Key Insights and Practical Tips.)

The SCC Arbitration Institute has published revised versions of its Arbitration Rules which entered into force on 1 January 2023. Hanne AARSHEIM and David SANDBERG present the 2023 SCC Arbitration Rules and the changes introduced by this latest revision, which include an explicit right for the arbitral tribunal to decide on remote hearings, clarifications on what shall be included in the statement of claim and statement of defence and a possibility for the arbitral tribunal to terminate the proceedings by way of an order instead of by an award in certain cases, including when the advance on costs has not been paid. (Hanne AARSHEIM, David SANDBERG, Revision of the SCC Arbitration Rules 2023.)

Nils SCHMIDT-AHRENDTS and Dirk WIEGANDT report on an important decision of the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) rendered on 27 September 2022, in which the BGH partially quashed an arbitral award for violating public policy due to the wrong application of core antitrust rules. The BGH ruled that awards are subject to a full review in fact and law by state courts in annulment proceedings as regards the proper application of core antitrust rules. (Nils SCHMIDT-AHRENDTS, Dirk WIEGANDT, BGH Takes a Close ‘Second Look’ at an Arbitral Tribunal’s Application of Core Antitrust Rules. BGH, Decision of 27 September 2022 – KZB 75/21.)

Foreign Case Law

Bundesgerichtshof, Beschluss KZB 75/21, verkündet am 27. September 2022 [Award partially quashed for violating public policy due to the misapplication of core antitrust rules]
Cour d’appel de Paris, décision N° RG 21/12127 du 12 juillet 2022, [Enforcement of partial award ordering respondent to reimburse claimant half of the ICC advances paid by claimant in lieu of respondent]

Swiss Federal Supreme Court Decisions
4A_26/2022, Urteil vom 13. April 2022 [Mandatory designation of address for service in Supreme Court proceedings]
4A_355/2021, Arrêt du 18 janvier 2022 [Conflicting clauses – Tort claims – Jurisdiction]
4A_312/2022, Arrêt du 13 septembre 2022 [Right to be heard – Legal aid]
4A_71/2021, Arrêt du 13 juillet 2021 [Revision request – Revision and request for evidentiary measures denied – Time limit (Posted at 23h59)]
4A_140/2022, Arrêt du 22 août 2022 [Jurisdiction – Lis pendens]
4A_246/2022, Arrêt du 1er novembre 2022 [Right to be heard – Public policy]
4A_166/2021, Urteil vom 22. September 2021 [Legal aid – Validity of arbitration agreement despite impecuniosity]
2C_1040/2021, Arrêt du 5 septembre 2022 [Mandatory arbitration in public law]
2C_1045/2021, Arrêt du 29 avril 2022 [Law firm claims for legal fees against former client]
4F_16/2022, Urteil vom 25. November 2022 [Request by arbitrator for revision of Supreme Court decision reducing his fees]
4A_30/2022, Urteil vom 3. Mai 2022 [Excessive arbitrator fees – (Domestic) Award annulled]
4A_540/2020, Ordonnance du 29 avril 2021 [Withdrawal of annulment request – Cost]
4A_667/2020, Arrêt du 17 mai 2021 [Challenge of CAS appeal award – Only CAS award, not first instance award can be challenged]
4A_210/2021, Sentenza del 28 settembre 2021 [Revision request]
4A_10/2022, Arrêt du 17 mai 2022 [No presumption of innocence in sports arbitration]
4F_15/2021, Arrêt du 3 décembre 2021 [Revision request against Supreme Court decision]

Matthias Scherer & Catherine A. Kunz


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