The CAS in Arbitration Course
Postgraduate Course

June 2023 – April 2024, Online

Events Details

Dates: Module 1: 22. – 26. June 2023
Module 2:   9. – 13. November 2023
Module 3:   8. – 12. February 2024
Module 4: 25. – 29. April 2024

Location: Online

Summary:  The first module is coming up in June and covers the following topic:

Fundamentals of International Arbitration

The first module is dedicated to an introduction to the fundamentals of international arbitration both in comparative perspective and with emphasis on Swiss law. The course is taught by Christoph Müller and Daniel Girsberger, both experienced university faculty members and arbitration practitioners. The purpose of this “crash course” is to ensure that by the end of the first week, all participants are familiar with the essential aspects of international arbitration law and practice, particularly with respect to the Swiss legal framework.

The course is based on materials specifically designed for this type of education, and includes practical exercises in all relevant areas of international arbitration, namely:

  1. The Legal Concept of Arbitration, Fundamental Features, Regulatory Framework and Neighbouring Methods of Dispute Resolution
  2. The Arbitration Agreement
  3. The Arbitral Tribunal
  4. The Arbitral Proceedings
  5. The Applicable Law
  6. The Arbitral Award
  7. Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) program is a 10 ECTS joint degree of the University of Lucerne and the University of Neuchâtel in cooperation with the Swiss Arbitration Academy.

The CAS in Arbitration program is the first postgraduate course that combines an in-depth academic education with the practical insights provided by more than 20 international practitioners.

The last two academic cycles of the Swiss Arbitration Academy program were offered on a virtual basis. While this has been a great success, for the upcoming course we are now re-introducing in-person elements of the program.

Modules 1, 2 and 4 continue to be offered online. In contrast to our program in the last two years, Module 3 will be held again, after the pandemic, in person.

This setup offers a lot of benefits for you:

 Since Module 1, 2 and 4 will be offered on a virtual basis, the upcoming course will continue to help you save significant amounts of time and money. As in the past two years, we assure you the best experience from our interactive training.
 The SAA decided to design one Module (Module 3) as an in-person module. The time you will spend in Switzerland offers you a number of important benefits:

The in-person Module:

  • the Academic Council of the SAA has redesigned the CAS program to include interactive learning sessions from Module 2 and Module 3, such as cross examination exercises and virtual arbitration hearing sessions on jurisdiction, in one in-person module which will take place in Switzerland; we are convinced that these sessions are best attended in person;
  • provides for networking opportunities with module leaders, guest lecturers, other participants and the local legal community in Switzerland which is considered to be the cradle of arbitration;
  • includes a visit to one of the many international organizations and arbitral institutions in Switzerland, such as WIPO, CAS and others;
  • includes sessions, networking events at the offices of prominent law firms.

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