Solidarity Arbitration and Mediation Days 2023 (SAMD)

Poland and Online, 6-7 December 2023

Events Details

Date: 6-7 December 2023

Location: Warsaw, Poland and Online

Summary: The Solidarity Arbitration and Mediation Days (SAMD) 2023 will be a hybrid event organised in support of the SAMD Scholarship Fund. The conference is organized on the non-for-profit basis – revenues shall be transferred to the scholarship fund for Ukrainian students and junior lawyers. Despite the virtual nature of the event, members of the SAMD Scholarship Board and the first 2022 Fellows are invited to attend in person to mingle with experts such as Professor Mykola Selivon, Olga Kostyshyna, the Scholarship Recipients, and all other our Special Guests from Ukraine. The event is an open invitation to the global arbitration and mediation community.

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