Bolzano Chamber of Commerce: Information Sessions on Arbitration

Online, November 2023

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Date: Tuesday, 21 November 2023

Location: Online

Language: German and Italian

Summary: Mediation after the “Cartabia Reform” The New Civil and Commercial Mediation and the Role of Individuals Involved in Mediation and Their Competences.

Ten years have now passed since the entry of mediation into the Italian legal system. The former system was supplanted by the ‘Cartabia Reform’ in July 2023. The rules were adjusted to ensure better quality of mediation procedures and to incentivize the use of alternative dispute resolution tools.

The result of the reform is a significant change in the procedure, which partly incorporates case law orientations formed over the years and new stricter provisions for those who do not participate in the attempt to mediate the conflict. In this webinar, participants will explore and discuss the legislative changes of the “Cartabia Reform”.

Furthermore, this webinar will delve into the role of the different actors in mediation. Mediators and lawyers play an important role in building the trust of the participating parties in the mediation instrument. Their soft skills are essential to the mediation process to pave the way for an agreement between the parties. The webinar will explain and elaborate on the different skills that those involved must have.


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