Hot Topics Surrounding the World‘s First Tribunal Secretary Platform

Meeting Room S225, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Location
7 May, 2024


Discover the future of arbitration with ASA and Jus Connect during the annual ICCA Conference in Hong Kong this year. Join us for an exclusive breakfast and introduction to the Global Tribunal Secretary Platform on 7 May 2024.

Organised by Dorothee Schramm (Independent Arbitrator & Executive board member at ASA), this enlightening panel discussion will feature esteemed experts and project leaders: Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Zulficar & Partners), Michael Hwang (Michael Hwang Chambers), Lindsay Gastrell (Arbitration Chambers), Angelina Petti (von Segesser Law Offices), Andrew Pullen (Fountain Court Chambers), Peter Thorp (Independent Arbitrator, Barrister & Solicitor), Dong Long (HKIAC) & Hanh Huynh (Jus Connect).

Unlock insights from industry leaders and explore the future of arbitration at this insightful event. Due to popularity, we kindly ask that you join the waitlist!

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