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The Dispute Appointment Service (DAS) Convention 2021, a one-day flagship event, will focus on the theme ‘Catalyst for Change: How ADR can Facilitate the Global Sustainability Transition.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) plays a vital role in giving parties access to redress without relying on the court system, and as an enabler of economic activity by mitigating the impact of disputes on major investment projects. In this time of unprecedented technological change and as we collectively seek to transition towards a net zero economy, ADR therefore has the potential to be an invaluable catalyst for change.

This year’s global Dispute Appointment Service (DAS) Convention will examine how ADR can fulfil that potential. From embedding the use of technology as an integral part of the dispute practitioner’s toolkit, to utilising ADR to resolve climate-related disputes and underwrite investments in green infrastructure, we will hear from experts around the globe on how our profession can play a key role in facilitating the transition to a carbon-free future. The programme will also include the release of CIArb’s new ‘Technology Guideline’, offering pragmatic guidance on how arbitration practitioners can pro-actively use technology constructively in the course of their work.

In addition, our programme includes a panel on the role of adjudication 25 years after the introduction of statutory adjudication in the UK, and an in-depth debate on whether the time has come for mandatory mediation to be made a core part of our systems of justice.

As a current or aspiring disputes practitioner, by attending this event you will understand how our profession can play a key role in meeting the defining challenges of our time. You will also gain exclusive insights into how you can use technology to best effect by hearing from the leading authors of the CIArb Technology Guideline. Delegates will also hear from experts on cutting-edge developments in mediation and adjudication, as well as having the chance to put practical questions to the CIArb DAS team (such as how to apply to join CIArb Panels, or how you can raise your profile to increase your chances of obtaining appointments).

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