ASA Arbitration Practice Seminar – Spring 2023
Organised with the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)

Phuket, May 2023

Events Details

Date: Friday, 5 May 2023 to Sunday, 7 May 2023


JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa
231 Moo 3 Mai Khao, Talang
Phuket, Thailand


The Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), in collaboration with the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) is organising the second Asia edition of the ASA Arbitration Practice Seminar following the successful edition in Da Nang, Vietnam in 2019.

The ASA Arbitration Practice Seminar is based on a format that was originally developed by ASA in 1997 and that has since been followed in annual seminars hosted by ASA in cooperation with other arbitration associations and institutions in Europe and Asia.

In a series of sessions that take place over the course of two days and that follow the key phases of an arbitration proceeding, two discussion leaders – one with a civil and one with a common law background – raise and engage with participants on key legal and practical issues that might arise in the life of an arbitration. The discussion leaders are highly experienced practitioners, who draw on examples from actual past cases to illustrate these issues and different ways in which they might be addressed. What results is a lively debate among discussion leaders and participants that is designed to highlight the diversity of experiences and approaches in international arbitration, foster the exchange on and development of novel ideas and practices, and encourage cross-cultural sensitivity.

The language of the seminar is English.


Who should attend?

This is not a seminar for true beginners. It is designed for those who wish to continue building on their international arbitration knowledge and practice and to benefit from the discussion leaders’ combined experience and expertise, acquired in a great variety of arbitration proceedings in different jurisdictions. Participants themselves contribute to the debate with their own experience, questions and ideas.


About the Organisers

ASA – Swiss Arbitration Association

The Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA, Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage) is an association with over 1000 members in Switzerland and all over the world. ASA is Switzerland’s leading arbitration organisation and brings together the world’s most eminent arbitration practitioners from six continents and 50+ jurisdictions. For around 50 years, ASA has been promoting domestic and international arbitration as well as alternative dispute resolution. Since 2021, ASA is also the majority stakeholder of the Swiss Arbitration Centre, Switzerland’s leading commercial arbitration institution. The Centre is well known for its Swiss Rules, the golden standard for arbitration and mediation. As a platform of expertise, the Centre is supported by a global network of arbitration and ADR users, legal professionals, and the chambers of commerce of Basel, Bern, Central Switzerland, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Ticino, and Zurich. For more information visit:

HKIAC – Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

Founded in 1985, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) is one of Asia’s oldest and most prestigious international arbitration institutions, offering efficient and cost-effective arbitration administration services, in addition to mediation, adjudication and domain name dispute resolution. According to Global Arbitration Review, “No regional institution has been running so successfully for so long.” With its multinational and multilingual Secretariat consisting of lawyers from around the world and a Panel Arbitrators comprised of leading arbitration experts with wide ranging expertise and experience from over 40 jurisdictions, HKIAC is Asia’s premier arbitration institution. The pre-eminence of HKIAC as a venue for resolving international and domestic disputes is bolstered by its spacious state-of-the-art hearing facilities in central Hong Kong and is reflected in its diverse caseload. For more information, see

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