A look behind the scenes of the DIS, the HKIAC and the Swiss Arbitration Centre
The three secretary general’s discuss efficient procedural management

Berlin, June 2023

Events Details

Date: Tuesday, 21 June 2023

Time: 17:30 (CET)

Location: CMS Hasche Sigle, Lennéstrasse 7, 10785 Berlin

Summary:  In a relaxed conversation, the three Secretary Generals Ramona Schardt (DIS), Mariel Dimsey (HKIAC) and Korinna von Trotha (Swiss Arbitration Centre) will take a look behind the scenes of the three arbitration institutions and discuss how arbitration proceedings can be conducted efficiently.

They shed light on how efficient case management is guaranteed by the institutions, what contribution the arbitrators, parties and party representatives can make and what role diversity and digitization play in this. They would also be happy to hear about your experiences and how you wish for efficient process management!