International Distribution Institute Annual Conference

International Distribution Institute Annual conference. 5 Webinars.  11 May to 17 June.

11 May 2021 - 1st Session -  Applicable law, jurisdiction and arbitration

20 May 2021 - 2nd Session - Managing an arbitration procedure under the IDARB  Arbitration Rules

SCAI Court Member Frank Spoorenberg and SCAI Executive Director Caroline Ming will provide their expertise on the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration during the mock trial regarding a dispute under the rules developed by IDI for distribution claims.

The International Distribution Institute has set up a special procedure for litigating disputes in the field of distribution: agency, distributorship, franchising etc. The purpose of this workshop is to show the functioning of the IDArb Arbitration procedure through the discussion of a mock trial regarding a dispute under the rules developed by IDI for distribution claims. The parties will receive in advance: the description of the case until SIMAC's letter of termination, the distribution contract between SIMAC and Moditaly, and SIMAC's termination letter and the list of "actors" who will play the relevant roles.

The mock case will be played by arbitrators selected from the IDArb arbitrators list: ITALIAN TEAM MARIO ROSSI CEO of SIMAC Massimiliano Camellini, Max Mara Fashion Group, Reggio Emilia GUGLIELMO CURZI Export manager of SIMAC Carlo Mosca, Mosca e Associati, Treviso COSTANTINO BIANCHI Lawyer of the Rossi family Cristóbal Porzio, Porzio, Rios, Garcia & Asociados, Santiago; IDI country expert for Chile JESSICA FORNI Export consultant Cecilia Carrara, Legance - Avvocati Associati, Rome SPANISH TEAM JORDI JIMENEZ Owner of Moditaly Stefano Paolo Catelani, Calimala Legal, Geneva DANIELLE MÜLLER Export manager Lisette Bieleveld, Van Doorne N.V. Amsterdam JULIO ALVAREZ Lawyer of Moditaly Ignacio Alonso, Even Abogados, Madrid; IDI country expert for Spain CAROLINE WONG Shareholder of Moditaly Susanne Margossian, UP International, Genève SUPERVISORS AND EXPERTS Presentation and support Fabio Bortolotti, Buffa Bortolotti & Mathis, Turin; Chair IDI, IDI country expert for Italy Support in guiding the discussion and overcoming possible critical issues Jaap Van Till, Loyal Law Firm, Amsterdam; IDI country expert for Netherlands Jean-Paul Vulliety, Lalive and Partners, Geneva Expertise on the interpretation of the Swiss Rules Caroline Ming, Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI), Geneva Frank Spoorenberg, Tavernier Tschanz, Geneva The sole arbitrator will be chosen by the parties between three names from the IDArb list of arbitrators, proposed by the IDArb Secretariat. The supervisors will guide the discussion of the teams and will ask the audience to comment during the various stages. The expert on the Swiss Rules will be available if problems arise on the interpretation of the Swiss rules, applicable to the dispute. At the end of each session the speakers will answer written questions from the audience

27 May 2021 - 3rd Session - Recent trends in franchisee's protection among different jurisdictions

10 June 2021 - 4th Session - IP protection in distribution contracts

17 June 2021 - 5th Session - New developments affecting distribution : Brexit, internet sales, EU antitrust

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