12th NLIU-INADR International Mediation Tournament 

From 22 Mar to 24 Mar, 2024


The Alternative Dispute Resolution Cell (ADRC) of the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, India is hosting the 12th edition of the NLIU-INADR International Mediation Tournament from 22 to 24 March 2024. The tournament will see the participation of law schools and ADR professionals from across the globe. The tournament is one of the oldest and largest mediation tournaments in Asia.

The tournament follows a unique pattern wherein, there shall be 3 participants from each participating team, viz. the Client, the Counsel and Mediator. The Tournament shall span over three preliminary rounds, with each participant playing all the three roles at least once, following which the teams shall qualify into two Advanced Rounds i.e. the Semi Final and the Final.

The tournament seeks to immerse students in simulated legal conflicts mirroring real-world disputes encountered by legal practitioners. Additionally, it offers a platform for enhancing essential communication and mediation abilities, alongside engaging in discussions with peers and seasoned professionals in the field. Valuable feedback from esteemed experienced judges, enables participants to evaluate and improve their performance. With a diverse panel of internationally respected professionals, the judges are poised to provide varied perspectives and insights