Video gallery

SCAI and the Swiss Rules 

SCAI Vis Moot Webinar Series - SCAI Pre-Moot 6 March 2021

by Hannel Latzel (SCAI Legal Counsel and Case Manager)


Insights into Witness Examination 

SCAI Vis Moot Webinar Series - SCAI Pre-Moot 6 March 2021

by Dr Stefanie Pfisterer and Andrew Meerwarth



Legal and Commercial Aspects of the Life Science and Pharma Industry  

SCAI Vis Moot Webinar - 18 February 2021

by Martin Berchtold, Daniel Blättler, Alexandra Carrel Guibert, Claudia Götz Staehelin, and Caroline Ming. 



Joinder of Parties - Insights and Experiences  

SCAI Vis Moot Webinar - 11 February 2021

by Dorothee Schramm, Michele Potestà, Laurent Hirsch, Dharshini Prasad, and Caroline Ming. 


Disruption in International Arbitration  

5th SCAI Innovation Conference - 28 January 2021

by Xavier Favre-Bulle, Roland Ziade, Alexandra Johnson, Klaus Peter Berger, Philippe Pinsolle, Melissa Magliana, Olivier Caprasse, Sebastiano Nessi, Nicole Appert, Olga Mouraviova, Clarisse von Wunscheim, Ferdinando Emanuele, Isabelle Berger, Maxi Scherer, Clara-Ann Gordon, Sophie Nappert, Nicolas Leroux, Michael Feit, and Caroline Ming. 

The video recording of the 5th SCAI Innovation Conference is available on the Zoom Platform:

The password is t1+?U@&v 


How to select Arbitrators and Mediators?  

SCAI Webinar - 21 January 2021

by Bernd Ehle, Maria Hauser-Morel, Pierre Muller and Caroline Ming. 

SCAI Médiation LSFin: une obligation d’affiliation pour le prestataire de services financiers, une option (presque gratuite) pour le client  

SCAI Webinar - 11 December 2020

by Daniel Glasner, Olivier Rivoire, Raphaël Treuillaud and Caroline Ming



Revision of the Swiss Private International Law Act on Arbitration – What’s new? What stays?  

SCAI Webinar - 10 December 2020

by Alexandra Johnson, Daniel Girsberger, Philipp Habegger and Alex McLin. 




How to draft effective dispute resolution clauses and how to solve issues when drafting was poor? 

4rd ASA / SCAI Webinar - September 2020

by Caroline Ming, Manuel Arroyo and Alex McLin




Ensuring Efficient Arbitral Proceedings in the COVID-19 Era – Insights from Seasoned Arbitrators

3rd ASA / SCAI Webinar - July 2020

by Matthias Scherer, Crenguta Leaua, and Richard Harding QC



Virtual Hearings in International Arbitration 

2nd ASA / SCAI Webinar - June 2020

by Clarisse von Wunschheim and David Roney 



Force Majeure in Supply Chains

1st ASA / SCAI Joint Webinar - May 2020

by Dorothee Schramm and Claudia Götz-Staehelin