pdf_20x20 Newsletter 2 - 2018

In our latest Newsletter you will read about SCAI's engagement for the development of mediation, notably through the revision of the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation to be issued next year, and the Singapore Convention which will be signed early 2019; also learn more about our upcoming Innovation Conference in Geneva.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 1 - 2018

SCAI is honoured to announce that the Swiss Rules have been chosen as the rules to be used during the 28th Vis Moot Court in Vienna and the 18th Vis (East) Moot Court in Hong Kong to be held in 2021. You will also read the essential take-away from the 2nd SCAI Innovation Conference and access its Report. SCAI also reports about the revision of the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation and about past events. Finally, save the dates for our upcoming events.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 4 - 2017

In our latest Newsletter you will notably read about the launch of the Japanese translation of the Swiss Rules, recent Swiss case law before the Swiss Federal Court and our upcoming Innovation Conference in Zurich.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 3 - 2017

Learn about IDArb, a common initiative developed by the International Distribution Institute (IDI) and SCAI to promote arbitration for distribution-related disputes. SCAI also reports about past events and invites you to mark you agendas for the conferences to come.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 2 - 2017

SCAI is honoured to share that it has won the GAR Award for the Arbitral Institution that impressed in the past year, at the Milan GAR Awards ceremony in late March 2017. You will also learn about the newly elected President of the SCAI Board, and the success of SCAI's past events. Finally save the dates for our events and stay tuned for the next Newsletter.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 1 - 2017

SCAI is always trying to best suit your needs and to promote innovation in this regard. In this first edition of our 2017 Newsletter, you will be able to read about the start of the revision process of our Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation, learn more about the report of SCAI's First Innovation Conference held in Geneva in early February 2017, and find information about recent case law of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 4 - 2016

SCAI is yet again one step ahead with its new customizable arbitration clause, designed to allow contracting parties to super-expedite future potential arbitration proceedings between them. Read about this new “turbo clause”, interesting recent case law, upcoming events and other developments in SCAI’s 4th Newsletter of 2016.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 3 - 2016

SCAI is glad to announce that it has registered its 1'000th Swiss Rules arbitration case. In this Newsletter you will also learn about the success of the Emergency Relief Proceedings under the Swiss Rules, and about the new composition of the SCAI Arbitration Court.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 2 - 2016

In this Newsletter, you will find highlights on the 2015 statistics, and learn about SCAI's new website. It is also the opportunity to welcome the new members of the Secretariat and the Arbitration Court, and to say farewell to others.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 1 - 2016

Come and meet SCAI's new Executive Director! In this Newsletter, you will also learn about the strenghts of Switzerland as a place of arbitration.

Press Review

Arbitrage, médiation et autres modes pour résoudre les conflits autrement. Schulthess, November 2018

This book provides a diverse landscape of dispute resolution methods offered in Geneva. Caroline Ming contributed with a chapter on the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation, and Valériane Oreamuno with a chapter on the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration.

La Suisse, haut lieu de l'arbitrage. La Liberté, 14 September 2018

Journalist Yves Genier reports on arbitration in Switzerland after attending a presentation of SCAI and the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration by Caroline Ming, Executive Director & General Counsel, and Valériane Oreamuno, Senior Legal Counsel and Head of the Secretariat in Geneva.

Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit als alternative Streitbeilegungsmethode. KMU-Magazin, Nr. 9, September 2018

Dr. Niklaus Zaugg and Dr. Marjolaine Jakob describe, in German, the pros and cons of arbitration as a dispute resolution means that should be considered more frequently by SMEs, especially for their large contracts and for their transactions with companies based abroad. They also give indications with regards to the drafting and content of the arbitration clause to be inserted in the contract.

SCAI's 2nd Innovation Conference on "Arbitrating the Future". 17 May 2018

SCAI reports following the 2nd SCAI Innovation Conference held in Zurich on 1 February 2018. Focused on "Arbitrating the Future", the purpose of this Conference was to explore the issues relating to future claims and damages and how to address them from both the perspectives of arbitral tribunals and counsel.

Living life forwards: future claims and future damages. GAR, 26 February 2018

Ms Lacey Yong discusses SCAI's 2nd Innovation Conference held in Zurich on 1 February 2018 and how the event looked at the best ways to deal with claims for payments that have yet to fall due or damages that have yet to arise – and how to prevent them from spiralling into multiple spin-off proceedings.

ASA Comments on Revision of Swiss International Arbitration Law. ASA, 12 May 2017

The Swiss Arbitration Association – submits its comments in the official consultation on the proposed revision of Swiss international arbitration law (Chapter 12 of the Private International Law Act).

A bella notte in Milan. GAR, 5 May 2017

The GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration award for an international arbitral institution that impressed went to Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution, in recognition of a landmark year which marked 500 years of Swiss neutrality, 150 years of  documented arbitration services by the Swiss Chambers and the 1000th case under the Swiss Rules. The award was accepted by a team from the SCAI, including Executive Director and General Counsel Caroline Ming.

Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution dans le top 10 des institutions mondiales d’arbitrage. AGEFI, 27 April 2017

Caroline Ming, Executive Director of SCAI, and Vincent Subilia, President of the Board of SCAI, explain the benefits of selecting Geneva as the seat of an arbitration and the main features of the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration.

Le Règlement suisse d'arbitrage international au service des entreprises. CCIG Info, April 2017

The Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution reminded the strengths of Switzerland and the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration with regard to international arbitration in a conference held at the Swiss Embassy in Paris. During this conference, the institution introduced its turbo customizable arbitration clause and announced the translation of the website into French.

SCAI New Customizable Arbitration Clause. ILO & Lexology, 17 March 2017

Dr. Jonathan Baier, Dr. Bernhard Meyer and Dr. Dominik Vock, Partners at MME Legal Tax Compliance, welcome our new innovative online drafting tool to customize arbitration clauses and super-expedite procedures, for which we have been nominated by GAR for a prize in the category “best innovation by an individual or an organisation”.

SCAI's 1st Innovation Conference on "Expedited Proceedings and their Limits". 6 March 2017

SCAI reports further to the 1st SCAI Innovation Conference held in Geneva on 2 February 2017. This interactive conference focused on specific expedited proceedings issues, and on traditional and innovative ways to further expedite arbitral proceedings. It is the first one of a series of conferences dedicated to these specific proceedings and their developments.

L'environnement de l'arbitrage évolue. Le Swiss made sous pression. AGEFI, 24-26 February 2017

Thomas Legler, an arbitration practitioner based in Geneva, gives his opinion on the evolution of the arbitration field in Switzerland and abroad.

Turbo Procedure launched in Switzerland. GAR, 21 December 2016

GAR reports on SCAI's one-of-a-kind customizable arbitration clause, which allows users to super-expedite their arbitration proceedings at the click of a mouse! While originally created with the commodities trade and shipping sector in mind, the clause meets the needs of users in any industry, who wish to quickly resolve their disputes. Read more about the turbo clause here.

New president for Swiss Institution in milestone year. GAR, 21 November 2016

GAR reports on changes in the leadership of the SCAI Arbitration Court, as it marks 500 years of Swiss neutrality, 150 years of documented arbitration services by the Swiss Chambers, and the 1000th case administered under the Swiss Rules.

Swiss law trumps all: Why arbitration still gravitates towards the European hub. The Lawyer, 10 October 2016.

Prominent arbitration practitioners explain in this article why Switzerland has for centuries been - and continues to be - a favourite place for international arbitration. They agree that this is in large part due to the Swiss neutrality, the modern and user-friendly Swiss laws and rules, and the professional quality of practitioners, counsel as well as arbitrators.

Arbitrage mode d’emploi. PME Magazine, 3 October 2016

What, when, how and how much? Everything companies ever wanted to know about arbitration is explained in this article published in PME Magazine. (Article available in French only)

Genève Berceau de l’Arbitrage. AGEFI, 12 September 2016

This press article explains briefly the main features of arbitration and of mediation, and the services offered by SCAI with regard to the administration of arbitration and mediation cases. (Article available in French only)

ACC shows dispute resolution under active discussion in Rome. CDR News, 22 August 2016

This article is a recap of the main highlights from the May 2016 Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) event in Rome, where dispute resolution was an integral part of the discussion. Ms. Caroline Ming, Executive Director of SCAI, discussed the differences between arbitration, mediation and litigation, and the need for in-house lawyers to insert the right clauses in contracts and to know how to use each of these dispute resolution means.

SCAI releases gender diversity stats. GAR, 17 August 2016

As part of SCAI’s commitment to fair representation and gender equality, the institution included in its 2015 statistics data on the appointment of female arbitrators. This data demonstrates that in 2015, 47% of the arbitrators appointed by the SCAI Arbitration Court were women.

The In-House-Counsel's Perspective. Conference Report, 3 August 2016

This report offers a summary of key discussions of the 18 March 2016 conference, the In-House Counsel’s Perspective, whose main theme was to examine the challenges associated with arbitration from the perspective of in-house counsel. Panelists agreed that there had been an evolutionary change in corporate culture, in the sense that disputes were no longer about winning or losing, but about moving the business forward.

Corporate Counsel Swap Views in London. GAR, 1 June 2016

This article offers a shorter recap of the 18 March 2016 conference on in-house counsel, highlighting an interesting discussion on the benefits of having arbitrators appointed by institutions. Caroline Ming, Executive Director of SCAI, argued that institutions are in the best position to know which arbitrators are available and appropriate for a given case.

La justice privée gagne du terrain. Swissquote, 2 May 2016

Through practical examples and accounts this press article sets out the advantages of arbitration, and of Geneva as a place to arbitrate. (Article available in French only)