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Should you need our assistance to appoint a mediator, we will gladly do so in accordance with the Swiss Rules of Mediation. Please send your request to

To find on your own a qualified mediator based in Switzerland you may find it useful to refer to the database of the members of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM). The SCCM mediator search tool is available below at the bottom of this page.

Profiles of Swiss and International certified Mediators can also be found on



For Disputes in Commodity Trading, Shipping, and/or Trade Finance

A list of arbitrators and mediators who are highly specialized in the commodity trading, shipping, and/or trade finance field, as well as in specific commodities (e.g. oil, steel, iron ore, grains), has been produced by the selecting committee of ACT (Alternative Dispute Resolution for Commodity Trading, Shipping, and Finance).

The selecting committee is composed of leading members of the arbitration, mediation and trading community, members of the STSA (Swiss Trading and Shipping Association), of the CCIG (Geneva Chamber of Commerce) and of SCAI (Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution). 

The list which continues to grow as new applications are received and approved, is available below. 

Arbitrations and mediations will be conducted as usual under the appropriate Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and Swiss Rules of Mediation. In order to benefit from this service, we recommend all actors of the trading community to insert our model arbitration clause in all their contracts. 

To learn more, please visit STSA's website

 pdf_20x20 List of Arbitrators/Mediators Specialized in Dispute Resolution for Commodity Trading, Shipping and Finance



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