Cost of mediation

The costs of mediation consist of Registration fee and Mediator’s fee.

Registration fee

The registration fee amounts to CHF 300 for each party.
Where the request for mediation is submitted by one party only, that party shall pay the fee for both parties (CHF 600).

Paying Registration Fees

To pay SCAI registration fees, Parties are invited to use the following bank account details:


UBS Switzerland AG 

Beneficiary/Account Holder         

Swiss Chambers‘ Arbitration Institution



Account number




Clearing number 


UBS postal account number


All payments must be made in Swiss Francs (CHF) and received net of any banking fees.

The bank advises as follows: When making payments within Europe, please always use the IBAN and BIC to avoid additional third-party charges and to ensure the amount is credited to the beneficiary more quickly and securely. We also recommend using IBAN for all Swiss payment transactions.


Mediator’s fee

The hourly rate lies in principle between CHF 200 and CHF 500, daily fees are between CHF 1500 and 2500.
The parties and the mediator may agree on other rates.