Cost of Arbitration

Arbitration Costs

Under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration (the “Swiss Rules”), the arbitration costs are deemed to include:

  1. the Registration Fee,
  2. the arbitrators’ fees and expenses,
  3. the Administrative Costs that may be charged by SCAI,
  4. the costs for expert advice that may be required by the arbitral tribunal, and
  5. the parties’ costs for legal representation and expenses incurred during the arbitration.

The SCAI Secretariat monitors the payment of the Registration Fee (1) and of the deposits (advances of costs) which are requested by the arbitral tribunal or the Arbitration Court to cover the arbitrators’ fees and expenses (2) and the Administrative Costs charged by SCAI (3).

The Registration Fee is to be paid at the outset of the arbitration, in the amount of 4’500 Swiss Francs, 6’000 Swiss Francs or 8’000 Swiss Francs, depending on the amount of the claim.

The scale of the arbitrators’ fees and Administrative Costs is available in Appendix B, Section 6, of the Swiss Rules. The Scale of the arbitrators’ fees does not include the arbitrators’ expenses and the cost for expert advice that may be required by the arbitral tribunal.

Where the amount in dispute is below 2 million Swiss Francs, SCAI does not charge any Administrative Costs. In the event of a discontinuation of the arbitral proceedings (Article 39(1) of the Swiss Rules), SCAI may, in its discretion, decide not to charge all or part of the Administrative Costs.

SCAI charges an annual abeyance fee of CHF 2’000, to be borne equally by the parties, for cases that are stayed for more than three months. The abeyance fee is aimed at covering the Secretariat’s additional costs in monitoring the developments in each case that has been stayed, in particular through periodic notifications and requests for information to the parties and the arbitrators. This fee will be charged by SCAI as a requisite to maintain the case open.

To estimate (1) the Registration Fee, (2) the arbitrators’ fees and (3) the Administrative Costs that may be charged for your arbitration, please insert the amount in dispute, the desired currency and the number of arbitrators in the costs calculator below.

Please note that the costs shown here are estimates only and that the expenses incurred by the arbitrators are not included. The final amount of the arbitrators’ fees and expenses will be determined by the arbitral tribunal, subject to the binding approval or adjustment of the SCAI Arbitration Court, pursuant to Article 40(4) of the Swiss Rules.


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