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The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne (Central Switzerland), Lugano, Neuchâtel and Zurich established the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution as a not-for-profit organization which offers means of dispute resolution based on the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and the Swiss Rules of Mediation.

Arbitration Court

In order to administer arbitrations under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution established an Arbitration Court as an autonomous body. It carries out its functions in complete independence.

Ms. Gabrielle Nater-Bass, President*
Dr. Chris Boog, Vice-President*
Mr. Cesare Jermini, Vice-President*


Members of the Arbitration Court

Dr. Homayoon Arfazadeh, Ms. Domitille Baizeau*, Mr. Philippe BärtschDr. Bernhard Berger*, Dr. Sebastien Besson*Dr. Christoph BrunnerMr. Stefano Codoni, Ms. Sandra De Vito Bieri, Mr. Harold Frey, Mr. Matteo Galante, Prof. Daniel Girsberger, Dr. Dieter Gränicher*, Ms. Alexandra Johnson, Mr. Michael Kramer, Mr. Goran Mazzuchelli, Dr. Andrea Meier, Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller*, Dr. Christian OetikerMr. David P. RoneyMr. Frank Spoorenberg, Dr. Urs Weber-Stecher, Ms. Melanie Van LeeuwenMr. Boris Vittoz, Ms. Clarisse Von Wunschheim, Mr. Lukas Wyss.  

*Members of the Court Special Committee as per art. 4 of the Internal Rules of the Arbitration Court


Secretariat of the Arbitration Court

The Secretariat assists the Arbitration Court in administering arbitrations.

A notice of arbitration may be submitted to any of the offices of the Secretariat.

Members of the Secretariat

Basel: Andreas Meier, Rainer Füeg & Alison Bigland
Bern: Lars Guggisberg
Geneva: Beatriz Restrepo, Cindy Roy & Amna Aounallah
Lausanne: Paul Van Den Bussche
Lucerne: Felix Howald
Lugano: Michele Rossi & Monica Foglia
Neuchâtel: Régine de Bosset
Zurich: Vanessa Correia & Hannes Latzel 


Internal Rules

The Internal Rules of the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution define the organisation, the composition and the tasks of the Arbitration Court and the Secretariat.


Our History

Switzerland has a long and unique history of dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation, including the first formal third-party arbitration in the famous Alabama case. The Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution builds upon this rich history, which is reflected in the institution's vast experience and high-quality services.

pdf_20x20 Switzerland: Neutrality, Arbitration and Mediation_A long and unique (Hi)story


Historical Rules

Mailing address Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution

Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution
4, Boulevard du Théâtre
P.O. Box 5039
CH - 1211 Geneva 11

President: Regine Sauter

Executive Director: Caroline Ming

For general information, please contact:

or, by phone:

Geneva office: +41 22 819 91 57

Lugano office: +41 91 911 51 30

Zurich office: +41 44 217 40 50


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