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Take a look at the latest SCAI Newsletter, which discusses: the 1000th Swiss Rules case administered by SCAI; changes to the SCAI Arbitration Court; 4 successful years of Emergency Relief Proceedings under the Swiss Rules; discussions about the potential creation of an International Investment Court; and SCAI upcoming and past events with pictures. Enjoy the read, save the dates for our events, and stay tuned for our next Newsletter.

pdf_20x20 Newsletter 3 - 2016

Обзор прессы

New president for Swiss Institution in milestone year, GAR, 21 November 2016

GAR reports on changes in the leadership of the SCAI Arbitration Court, as it marks 500 years of Swiss neutrality, 150 years of documented arbitration services by the Swiss Chambers, and the 1000th case administered under the Swiss Rules. Read more about SCAI’s milestone year here.

Swiss law trumps all: Why arbitration still gravitates towards the European hub. The Lawyer, 13 October 2016.

Prominent arbitration practitioners explain in this article why Switzerland has for centuries been - and continues to be - a favourite place for international arbitration. They agree that this is in large part due to the Swiss neutrality, the modern and user-friendly Swiss laws and rules, and the professional quality of practitioners, counsel as well as arbitrators. Read more here.

Arbitrage mode d’emploi, PME Magazine, 3 October 2016

What, when, how and how much? Everything companies ever wanted to know about arbitration is explained in this article published in PME Magazine. (Article available in French only)

Genève Berceau de l’Arbitrage, AGEFI, 12 September 2016

This press article explains briefly the main features of arbitration and of mediation, and the services offered by SCAI with regard to the administration of arbitration and mediation cases. (Article available in French only)

ACC shows dispute resolution under active discussion in Rome. CDR News, 22 August 2016.

This article is a recap of the main highlights from the May 2016 Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) event in Rome, where dispute resolution was an integral part of the discussion. Ms. Caroline Ming, Executive Director of SCAI, discussed the differences between arbitration, mediation and litigation, and the need for in-house lawyers to insert the right clauses in contracts and to know how to use each of these dispute resolution means. Read more here.

SCAI releases gender diversity stats. GAR, 17 August 2016.

As part of SCAI’s commitment to fair representation and gender equality, the institution included in its 2015 statistics data on the appointment of female arbitrators. This data demonstrates that in 2015, 47% of the arbitrators appointed by the SCAI Arbitration Court were women. Read more here.

The In-House-Counsel's Perspective. Conference Report, 3 August 2016.

This report offers a summary of key discussions of the 18 March 2016 conference, the In-House Counsel’s Perspective, whose main theme was to examine the challenges associated with arbitration from the perspective of in-house counsel. Panellists agreed that there had been an evolutionary change in corporate culture, in the sense that disputes were no longer about winning or losing, but about moving the business forward. Read more here.

Corporate Counsel Swap Views in London. GAR, 1 June 2016.

This article offers a shorter recap of the 18 March 2016 conference on in-house counsel, highlighting an interesting discussion on the benefits of having arbitrators appointed by institutions. Ms. Caroline Ming, Executive Director of SCAI, argued that institutions are in the best position to know which arbitrators are available and appropriate for a given case. Read more here.

La justice privée gagne du terrain, Swissquote, 2 May 2016

Through practical examples and accounts this press article sets out the advantages of arbitration, and of Geneva as a place to arbitrate. (Article available in French only)